The Avenue Church Education Wing

The Avenue Church had a space that was able to hold around 1,000 kids every Sunday, but they were having to turn families away continuously due to safety concerns. There was only one option for them to be able to continue to grow and that was to build.

They decided to build a new addition solely for families. This new addition would encompass:

  • 10 new classrooms that provide space for more children
  • New workroom that will give volunteers more space to get ready and relax
  • Spacious storage room to hold everything that isn’t being used
  • New laundry room
  • Mother’s Room that will provide a private place for mommy and baby
  • Brand new cafe area
  • New entrance and exit locations


Project Overview

The project took place over the summer to ensure it was completed by August 12th. Since it was new construction we needed to be able to break up the project according to the construction schedule.



You have to start with the most important aspect, and that’s the infrastructure, i.e. Cabling. Infrastructure is the backbone of every project we do.

We ran fiber optic cable to connect the Education Wing to the existing building.

We ran SDI Cable that connects to all the TVs and monitors. It is the cable that allows The Avenue to display video content on all video enabled displays. Content includes being able to show the experience, announcements and display the menu in the cafe.

We ran CAT6 (ethernet) cable that allowed internet connections to a number of devices. Devices include the Cameras that film each experience, the Access Points, Data Drops for Check-In Machines and rooms where a wired connection is required.

We also ran Low Voltage Cable which is used for Speakers and Access Control for this project.



We installed cameras in each classroom. The footage loops onto spot monitors so that parents can see their kids in their classrooms.

The Avenue Church has multiple sites that require access control. With our access control system all sites work together while maintaining site separation. Here’s how this works:

  • We can create a user that has access to the Ennis campus, but doesn’t have access to the new education wing.
  • If The Avenue is having a Parents Night Out event in the education wing, they can schedule an event to accommodate the traffic coming in and out of that part of the building. This would allow the education wing to be open while not allowing access to the rest of the campus or other buildings.

The readers themselves are extremely advanced and user friendly. There are multiple ways to access the building with the readers, you can use a Pin Code, Key Fob, or take advantage of the secure built-in bluetooth and use your phone as a keycard.



We installed eight new TVs throughout the new space. Including, a cluster of four 65” TVs that are mounted in the new commons area from the ceiling. They are able to show announcements and the live stream of each experience.


With the video comes the audio. We were able to install four indoor and outdoor Atlas pendant speakers all throughout the lobby area. Now they have high quality sound to go with their high quality picture.

We installed three-four button audio control panels to help with sound control. Each panel is designed to control the audio in the room by allowing you to select what source is being listened to along with controlling the volume in the room.


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