St. John Lutheran Church Audio Video Upgrade

St. John Lutheran Church is located in Mansfield, one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. They came to us with a need for a sound system that could be heard evenly and clearly throughout the entire worship center. The current sound system was old and had too many hotspots to count.


With clarity in mind, we designed an L-Acoustics Arcs system that was both extremely clear and met the budget of the church. The church chose a D-Live C3500 console for its ease of use and flexibility. The FPGA chip in the D-Live console makes it ideal for growing churches that need ultimate flexibility.


We installed all new Sennheiser G4 Wireless Mics and IEMs. The key to the microphone design was the antenna locations and antenna combiner. The church had suffered from frequency interference for years which was a distraction during worship. With the new microphones set up and coordinated, the possibility for interference was significantly reduced.



We also worked on upgrading the video infrastructure to SDI. We did this using a centralized Blackmagic 40x40 Video Hub. Every video input and output flows through the hub giving the church complete flexibility for routing content to different TVs. SDI also provides almost no latency at full 1080p or 4K.

To offer the most flexibility moving forward, we chose to use the Blackmagic URSA broadcast with a Canon lens. This camera allows the church to add on different lenses and studio components as they grow in the future. The built-in functionality to remotely control zoom, iris, white balance, and the color is also beneficial. This gives you traditional CCU functionally and allows extra support for the volunteers.

An encoder was installed to take the video from the Blackmagic Switcher to the internet. The church is currently streaming to youtube.

The sound system sounds fantastic, and we are very proud of the result. St. John has the infrastructure in place to continue to grow and expand on what they do in the future.

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