Rockett SUD Boardroom Streaming Setup

The Project Needs

Like many other companies during the recent pandemic, Rockett SUD needed a solution that would allow them to hold virtual board meetings from their boardroom through video conferencing. When we came on site to evaluate their current setup they were using a laptop computer to host video conference calls with several different individuals around the metroplex, while board members met in the boardroom. The main issue they experienced with this setup, was the inability for the user on the other end of the video call to be able to hear or see the board members.

The Solution

To resolve these issues, we implemented a Q-SYS ecosystem that included a Q-SYS Core 110f DSP, Q-SYS PTZ Camera, and an 8" Q-SYS touch screen controller. This solution allowed us to input the audio from each of the board members microphones directly into the video call, while using the Core 110f DSP for EQ and auto mixing. We installed a Q-SYS PTZ camera at the back of the room so the users on the video conference call would be able to see the boardroom as a whole. The 8" touch screen controller will allow them to be able to control the PTZ camera, by panning and zooming on specific board members or areas of the room, as well as the audio of the computer and each microphone in the room. 

rockett sud camera-1-1

Interesting Aspects

While one-on-one video conferencing solutions are easily implemented through the use of webcams and personal laptop computers with a webcam. We needed to implement a video conferencing solution for an entire boardroom where there were multiple individuals in different areas of the room that all needed to be seen and heard by the other users on the the call. This presented an interesting challenge, but one that we were eager to take on and find a solution for.

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