Forum Meat New Building

Nov 19, 2018 10:45:00 PM

Forum Meat Company formed from a need seen by industry veterans, Walter Wilkerson and Todd Winn, for an independent meat company that was solely focused on providing high-quality, center of the plate products with superior service.

They are one of a few independent meat companies in Texas that has focused on the fine dining market. Their mission is to provide meat products that are top quality and come from a safe environment. They love their customers and strive to provide them with excellent service with every encounter.

In order to make that happen on a consistent basis, they know that their most important relationship is with their employees. Their working environment is safe and friendly with opportunities to grow as the company grows.


Project Overview

Forum Meat is a new companywith a new building, and they needed network infrastructure, security, access control, phones and managed IT Support.

Due to the business being built from the ground up, there were multiple phases to this job. We broke the work up in accordance to where they were in their construction process.


We talk about it a lot, but it’s because this facet of all of our projects is the most important. Our cabling process is what sets up the infrastructure so that every aspect of this project works together successfully.

The best part of this cabling project was that since this was a new building we were able to come in early on in the construction process to eliminate having to remove old cabling.


Access Control

Forum Meat wanted access control throughout the entire building. It was important for them to have this feature not only in order to gain entry into the building, but also in the loading dock area, and for the freezers that will hold their products.

In addition to Access Control, Forum Meat also wanted an alarm system and security cameras throughout the property.

An interesting aspect to this security system is that some of the cameras would need to work in sub zero freezers. I don’t know if you know how cold that is, but it is super cold!

Forum Meat Company recognizes that strong vendor relationships are fundamental to success. Todd and I consider Featherston Media as one of our most important vendor relationship. Tyler Featherston has done an excellent job of building a team of talented professionals and of providing high-quality products and services that are indispensable in the modern business environment. It is our pleasure to work with Tyler and his team. Walt Wilkerson


We used Yealink phones throughout the office as well as intercoms for outside and inside. The great thing about using Yealink phones is installing PBX software and the app for your smartphone. PBX allows you to sync your office phone to your smartphone, while keeping your number secret, so that you can answer calls(onlyif you want to) even when you are away from your desk.

Interesting Aspects

We were able to work closely with the manufacturers of the coolers and freezers to provide wireless access inside each cooler and freezer. There isn’t a space inside that building that doesn’t have access to the internet and that is pretty unique with the type of business this is.

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