First United Methodist Church Waxahachie Audio Upgrades

The First United Church of Waxahachie has been a community staple in Waxahachie since 1849. The church has seen many changes since it was first established, but what has remained constant is how active the church and its members are in the community of Waxahachie.

The current building they are in was built in the 1950s, and as you can imagine there are always upgrades that need to be made to ensure that the building stays up to date. With this in mind, the members of First United Methodist saw a need for their audio to be upgraded in the main sanctuary.

The system they were using was a single speaker that was rigged into an old PA speaker box. Just one speaker that wasn’t meant to be a PA speaker for a room that holds 350 people.

The trustees are very pleased and impressed with the prompt and professional service we received from Featherston Media on our sanctuary sound upgrades...a first-rate contractor. Sean Cagle, Trustee


Phase 1

We installed 6 white RCF HDL6A Line Array Speakers that were mounted on a single Line Array Module. The Line Array was hung in a single centered cluster from the ceiling. It was designed to provide even and lush coverage for the entire sanctuary.

During this initial phase, we also installed 2 HDL 10 Speaker Monitors that were hung to provide full coverage for the choir loft on the left and right side. This positioning allowed for the sound the be thrown throughout the entire choir loft without an echo or the sound being overbearing.

Both the Line Array Speakers and the Speaker Monitors are active speakers that required implementation of power that was tied into an existing audio infrastructure being operated by an older analog board. In order to prepare for the eventual install of Phase 2, we also installed the Atlas BlueBridge DSP.


Phase 2

We replaced their old analog console with the Yamaha TF3 Console. With this board, we additionally installed the DANTE Interface Card as well as the Yamaha TIO-1608D Stage Box.

By installing the DANTE Interface Card we have implemented a foundation for any and all future low voltage audio upgrades for the church. The TIO-1608D Stage Box is a digital snake that provides input for microphones and instruments on stage.

We installed a rack to house the Atlas BlueBridge DSP, networking equipment, and wireless microphone receivers. Everything was placed on power redundancy which was provided by basic power conditioning. This provided a fail-safe for any and all equipment.

We installed RF Combiners to provide a clear wireless microphone and wireless IEM signal and replaced their existing choir microphones with 4 Floor Standing Choir Microphones. This was a huge request from the congregation because it alleviated the organ sound from being heard on the choir microphones. This gave them a sound that was clear, crisp, and solid.


The response was so overwhelmingly positive that First United Methodist decided to proceed with Phase 2 way sooner than expected. It was such a dramatic change for their congregation. They were able to really hear the pastor, choir, and organ in such a clear way due to the products that were chosen for their venue.

From our perspective, it just proves that it doesn’t matter how traditional or progressive your church may be, the sound quality is so important. First United Methodist is a traditional church with a full choir, an organ, and they have a Line Array Speaker System that fits their space and provides them with quality sound.


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