First Baptist Church of Lancaster Audio Upgrades

First Baptist Church of Lancaster was established in 1867 when 13 people, who would become the first members, gathered together in fellowship for the first time in Lancaster, TX.

The mission of the church is, and has always been, to share an age-old faith with an ever-changing world. They do this through missions trips, collecting shoes for orphans, and serving at local outreach centers inside their community.

The church is 151 years old, rooted in deep tradition and love for their community. Apart of sharing their faith with the world we live in, means that there were updates that they felt they needed to make in order to better reach people in their community.

We’ve been partnering with them since 2009, and when it was decided to move forward with audio and video upgrades to their sanctuary (which is quite stunning) we were honored that they chose us to carryout this project for them.


The sanctuary can hold 1200 people, but their audio and visual elements didn’t help them to create the best atmosphere for their services on the weekends.

This was the primary reason for the upgrade, a large portion of the congregation was struggling to hear the sermon and read the words to the songs. The previous sound system was so dated, small, and under-powered, especially for the size of their sanctuary.

They needed new speakers, new screens, and new projectors that were more compatible with the large space and that didn’t compromise the overall aesthetic of the room.



Their previous audio system was all analog and consisted of 4 passive speakers that were inside of an attic over 40 feet in the air.

Their new audio system consists of 16 RCF Line-Array Speaker Modules and 4 flown RCF subwoofers. This audio system was chosen because of great quality and cost efficiency. Now the congregation has no problems hearing the music or the preacher.

For years we have struggled with an inadequate sound system for our 1200-seat sanctuary. It finally quit. Featherston Media, already familiar with our situation, rushed to the rescue. Now, we have brand new screens on which to project the words to our music, the scriptures, announcements, making communications so much easier. We are truly grateful! Dan Griffin, Lead Pastor



Previously they only had one screen and projector that came down in the middle of the stage. This was the focal point of the room, but when the screen came down it hid a beautiful center-hung gold cross and their baptismal.

For their new system we chose 2 Optima 11,000 Lumen DLP projectors that project to 2 separate HD progressive screens on each side of the stage. Now, there is no hiding that beautiful cross!

Interesting Aspects 

There were so many interesting aspects to this project, but overall we think it was how we were able to seamlessly integrate the new technology into the existing facilities. When you look at the space it looks as though the additions have always been there. There was no compromise on the beauty in the room. Everything lines up, the paint on the speakers matches the paint on the walls. It was very important for us to keep the traditional aspects of the church in tact and not compromise the delicate aesthetics.

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