Felty Elementary Sound System Upgrade

Felty Elementary is one of seven elementary schools in Waxahachie, that houses more than 500 students and 50 staff members. Margaret L. Felty Elementary, named after longtime Waxahachie ISD educator Margaret Felty, opened its doors on August 25, 2008, as a kindergarten through fifth-grade campus.

Like most elementary schools the cafeteria is more than just a cafeteria, it is also a place where students and their families gather for programs, science fairs, and school assemblies. To say that the cafeteria is important is an understatement, and because of the importance Felty Principal, Carrie Kazda knew that there were some upgrades that were needed to make each experience excellent.

It is an honor for us to be able to work in our community, especially in the schools, so when Carrie contacted us about an audio upgrade we jumped at the chance to get them exactly what they need, within the budget they had.

Felty elementary 1


Prior to install, Felty had a standard portable sound system. It included a few speakers and some wired microphones. With the upgrade, we installed 2, Atlas Vertical Line Array Speakers for premium sound. We evenly dispersed six subwoofers throughout the cafeteria to ensure the entire cafeteria was covered.

We upgraded their microphones to Sennheiser Wireless Mics, and installed three Shure overhead microphones for the risers. We also installed a seven inch Atlas touch screen using BlueBridge software for audio control.

Lastly, we installed a Behringer X32 Rack, a mixer with 40 inputs to get the best quality sound for their budget. This mixer is controlled by an iPad or tablet wirelessly, allowing for flexibility and ease of function. 



Felty had a program (one week after install) and as you can imagine the room was packed. When the program started, a young boy, who is hearing impaired, turned to his teacher, smiled, and said I can hear this!

We didn’t realize how great of an impact this would make on our campus until we had our first post-installation program. The parents could hear their children. The kids were confident. We didn’t worry about microphones cutting out or a loud feedback screech. We all spent our time focusing on what mattered…the students. Carrie Kazda, Principal, Felty Elementary

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