Alvarado Veterinary Clinic Network Upgrades

The Alvarado Veterinary Clinic first opened in 1981 with Dr. Bud Pearce and, in just over thirty years, they have grown to be one of the largest mixed animal practice in the state of Texas.

They are able to treat all kinds of animals, even the not so common ones like camels and kangaroos! They work hard to provide excellent care to their patients and their human companions.

In order for them to continue their high level of service and the growth, they needed a serious technology upgrade in many aspects.


Project Overview

The foundation of the project was the network upgrade that was desperately needed. The rest of it was upgrading printers, installing computers, security cameras and then updating their wireless network.

There were multiple aspects to this project ranging from updating the wireless system and designing a robust network backbone to installing new computers and even updating the clinic’s security camera system. One of the most important pieces for the network upgrades is the implementation of the new server for AVC which allowed them to communicate locally from any machine as well as increase overall productivity without weighing down their network.

We needed to keep in mind the limited space that was available for us to use for this project. We had to be creative with the use of space and what products we were going to use.

We also used environmental sensors in the equipment area to monitor the hard environments.

“Featherston Media allows us to be the best at what we do, which means we can provide the best care to all our patients." Dr. Clint Calvert


  • We were able to come in a do a complete overhaul of their previous network.
  • We re-ran cable to provide more stability.
  • We updated their wireless infrastructure with new Ubiquiti access points.
  • Installed 20 new Dell OptiPlex Micro desktop computers that were mounted behind the monitors to allow for more space in the clinic.
  • We installed fiber internet service to provide high availability for their VoIP phones and internet.

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